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Rya on stage at Louies ,Fayettville NC 2016

Rya Fraser poster

Rya's Fender rig

Rya with Aaron Barret, lead singer and guitarist of Reel Big Fish.

Rya helping the band Hanson out with a fund raiser , Los Angeles Ca.

Rya backstage with Less than Jake.

Rya with Lauren Wood singer of "Fallen" from the Pretty Woman soundtrack.

Rya with singer Jennifer Knight.


Rya before performing live at the Whisky a go go, Los Angeles CA.

Live at the Whisky a go go.

Rya feeling it on stage at Louies 2015.

Rya on stage at the Cameo theater, Fayetteville NC.

Rya in the studio laying down the ukulele tracks for his song "Wish three".

Rya going over some guitar parts during some studio time.

Rya laying down some lead guitar tracks on his record "The ill luminated sky".

Rya laying down some drums for his record "A shade so faint".

Artwork of Rya done by a fan from Mexico.

Rya live at Big Harrys Tavern Fayettville NC 2007 playing "Voodoo child (Slight return)

Rya on stage at the black cat lounge 2012 being saluted by the audience

Rya singing autographs at the Complex theater, Hollywood CA 2013

Rya in the Mojave desert 2012

Rya recording "Cinderellas slipper" at ES recording studio, Hollywood CA

Rya on stage, unknown venue sometime around 2007

Rya live at Louie's ,Fayetteville NC 2015

Rya Fraser Guitar cases

Rya on stage in 2007

Photo shoot for the album "When all that's left is blue" by Rya Fraser

Rya on stage at the Quinnstock music festival 2015

Rya the day the artwork began on his Fender amp